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Explore the full potential in your data using big data and advanced analytics combined with expertise from BizOne.

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Take your analytics to the next level!

Big Data analytics can help you harness your organizations data and use it to identify new opportunities, in turn, leading to better business decisions, more efficient operations, higher profits and satisfied customers.

What areas does Big Data have business value?

Cost reduction

Technologies such as HDInsight and Azure Data Lake Gen2 based analytics can bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data in addition to identifying ways of doing business more efficiently.

Better and quicker decisions

With the speed of in-memory analytics such as Spark using Azure Databricks and the ability to analyze new and various sources of data, organizations are able to make decisions based on what they have learned.

New products and services

Being able to identify customers' needs through analytics gives your business the ability to give them what they need, whether it is new or better products or improved services.

Key technologies

machine learning

Machine Learning

Having access to large amounts of data combined with machine learning makes it possible to automatically produce models and deliver more accurate results faster. Microsoft Azure offers many services to fit your organization’s needs.

predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Using your historical data, statistical algorithms and machine learning, your business can identify future trends to enable more confident business decisions, such as fraud detection, identifying risk, improving marketing campaigns and streamlining operations.

data mining

Data Mining

Discover patterns in your data by using data mining technology to perform further analysis to help answer complex business questions.



With Azure HDInsight you can store large amounts of structured and unstructured data to analyze data quickly over all areas of your organization.

in memoery analytics

In-memory analytics

Azure Databricks allows you to analyze quicker than ever to deliver insights faster.

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