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Azure Synapse Analytics

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Azure Synapse Analytics

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What is Azure Synapse Analytics?

It’s a modern cloud based plaform for all your needs within analytics. The platform consists of a number of integrated componants that will help you to integrate data from all sorts of sources in an effective manner. The platform enables you to store vast ammounts of data in a cost effective way, and deliver insights on that data at amazing speed. Use your preferred language to develop pipelines and query data, tightly integrated with Power BI.

The functionality keeps evolving, the best way to keep up is to read the latest updates from Microsoft.

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Why Azure Synapse Analytics

There are a number of reasons to choose Microsoft Azure as your data platform. Some of them being

  • the security and privacy features, such as automated threat detection and row-level security 
  • industry-specific database templates that gives you a head start
  • integrations with Dynamics 365 an Power Apps
  • Price and price control is way better than the competition

Read more in our blog post, why we think you should move your analytical solution to Azure here

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