Befolkningsprognos som tjänst – kommuner

Vi står inför stora demografiska utmaningar de kommande åren, vilket innebär att kommunerna behöver så bra underlag som möjligt för att förutspå behov av skola, förskoleplatser, äldreomsorg mm. För att kunna planera med långa horisonter tror vi att man förutom väldigt bra prognoser, som dessutom behöver ha ett lättanvänt gränssnitt.       BizOne har […]

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GDPR and Microsoft’s Data Discovery and Classification

On the 25th of May, countries across the European Union will begin enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This change will not only affect how businesses in the UK and EU operate but also outside of the EU. This means any company who interacts with EU businesses’, residents’ or citizens’ data must conform with […]

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BizOne blir Microsoft Gold Partner inom Analytics

BizOne fortsätter att satsa på Microsoft och deras starka erbjudande inom Analytics. Vi är stolta över att nu ha uppnått guldnivån som analytics partner, vilket man gör genom att dels ta ett antal certifieringar men framförallt kunna visa på starka kundreferenser. Under de senaste åren har vi implementerat flera framgångsrika Microsoft baserade Business Intelligence projekt, framförallt […]

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How to use Workspaces and Apps in Power BI

Two important features of Power BI Service are Workspaces and Apps. Apps are slightly newer to the Power BI Service but are closely related to workspaces. Knowing how to use workspaces and apps in Power BI will allow you to take advantage of some of its best collaborative features. Before we go into each area, the […]

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Multi Cloud & Integration

One of the trends that we currently see in the ”analytics space” is the very rapid adoption of cloud technologies. The cloud offers a lot of great possibilities and in many cases it also takes care of previously difficult and time consuming tasks, such as setting up infrastructure for Big Data initiatives. It also means […]

Ämne: Big Data

Launching Minelabs – to focus on Machine Learning and AI

Today I’m happy to announce that we are releasing our sister company Minelabs. Minelabs will focus on the whole process around Machine Learning and AI. Helping to guide our customers from idea to implementation. There are many organisations out there who are curious on how they can make use of it, but don’t have the […]

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Introducing the benefits of Microsoft Azure

BizOne is not only a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics but we are also a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP), which means now more than ever we are committed to providing the most affordable, flexible, scalable and secure Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions for businesses. Whether the goal is to move completely […]

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Talend Data Quality – Advanced Matching

Often when you work with large amounts of data in a database, you come across unwanted duplicates. These can cause issues, both from the run-time and quality perspective. The Talend Data Quality tool comes in very handy when dealing with duplicates – simply run an analysis on a column set and it can detect duplicate […]

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Parallel Job Executions in Talend

Since Talend is a java-code generator, we can run jobs and subjobs in multiple threads to reduce the runtime of a job. There are three different parallel execution techniques in Talend Data Integration that are good to have at your disposal. Note: these techniques are only available out of the box in Talends commercial versions […]

Ämne: Data Integration

Machine learning pays off

In a recent survey conducted by MIT Technology Review partnered by Google they have found that 50% of implementers of machine learning can quantify ROI from their investment, and half of them at an early stage. Based on the projects we have done using these methods, I can back those figures, and would say that […]

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